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Beverly Hillbillies New Internet Casino

Many actors have realized the potential of investing into the industry of internet casinos. The latest actor to do such a move is Max Baer Jr. whom was one of the leading actors of “The Beverly Hillbillies”. Baer had made inquiries into many internet casinos and what they could offer to his revenue shares. He realized that he could make investments not only in internet casinos but also in land based ones. The differences between the two in revenue and stability are highly individual and only an individual person can decide which industry to venture into. True, that internet casinos have gained immaculate popularity but land based casinos seem to be a more stable market as they are built literally, on solid ground.

Max Baer has just received a letter of approval stating that he could own small percentages of a small land based casino in Las Vegas. This small casino is located in North Las Vegas and Mr. Baer has waited an extensive time to see this approval. Baer had been inquiring on the necessary capital and the revenue outcome that would be available to him once going into business with internet casinos. Baer was even caught saying that he was ecstatic about getting into this type of business. Baer’s inquiries into internet casinos inevitably failed as he decided that his best investment would inevitable are with land based and not internet casinos.

internet casinos investors are also usually those that have had much experience with internet casinos and Baer does not seem to be that type of business investor. internet casinos players are always bringing in the money and once investors are set up the internet casinos success. It is only getting people to actually invest that can cause problems as the internet casinos industry was only established in the past ten years and there are those that are wary of new investments. Also, any online business venture, especially such as internet casinos brings with it questionable investors who are wary and untrusting of the revenue come back.

Max Baer’s Production Company, Max Baer Productions Ltd. has incorporated Roger Camras as a partner in the land based casino investment plan and Camras is said to be a ten per cent holder in the investment. The casino is said to be called the “Beverly Hillbillies Gambler Casino” after none other than Max Baer’s most memorable acting role. This will surely help him get the clients he has been worrying to get as land based casinos and internet casinos players ache for something catchy. Baer will not be the primary owner as the main owner if John George Karras as he has the highest share holds. The main attraction of this casino is the same as what makes internet casinos so desirable: the slots. The general population has raised their voice and said they want slots; new investors must cater to that.
Many actors have looked at the casino market and with rising popularity, big names are to be announced.

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