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Gambling Company Makes US Precedence

As the fad among internet casinos is to do joint ventures, Trident Gaming got the point and decided to go on its own venture. Trident Gaming which is a sports betting site has decided to take over Game bookers. Game bookers is a five year old company that deals with European online sports Betting and has kept itself as an independent company for the past five years. This union has been met with mixed feelings from internet casinos that offer sports betting. The internet casinos without featured sports betting are ambivalent as they will not be affected by the move.

Trident Gaming has already once acquired a company and it seems to like to notion of partnership. The company that Trident acquisitioned in the past is BetBug. BetBug is a US based sports betting site that gives Trident an advantage. The advantage stems from the fact that Trident has its foot both in the US door and in the European door; giving it the upper hand as most internet casinos sports betting sites have their foot only in one. A double market of internet casinos players is being offered by Trident and their revenue profit and shares should increase quite a bit.

The acquisition of Game bookers was a 2o million pound deal and over nine million shares are being said to have sold. internet casinos that are smaller then the leading ones have shown some interest in bringing together many little internet casinos because without that the internet casinos sports betting site will be taken over by Trident.

None of these acquisitions from Trident came easy as BetBug had its issues with the US legislators. internet casinos are illegal all over the United States of America and even where sports betting is allowed internet casinos featuring sports betting are still deemed in the online gaming market and therefore, illegal. Game bookers was an easier acquisition although it was not without its hardships, however, Trident has managed to merge owning both and triumphant. The CEO of Trident gaming, Mr. John O’Malia has stated that Trident is happy with where they are in their career and they expect extended success and profit in the near future. internet casinos everywhere that offer sports betting have been described as intimidated by this new formulation although Bodog still remains a huge partner in the world of internet casinos.

There have been announcements that Trident will use its gaming license in order to allow small us internet casinos sports betting sites to be established. It will be like an enterprise where new internet casinos can come and test their luck and see where they will end up in the scope of things. Trident will also serve as an example for US online sites on how one should run its affairs so that it too can receive licensing from the US. internet casinos everywhere will definitely be monitoring their financial revenues to see if this acquisition affected the amount of sports bets they receive this month.

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