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Louisiana Slot Machines In Some Tech Trouble

Louisiana offers the featured internet casinos video poker in its land based casinos. However, rumor has it that these machines are out of date and the centralized computer system that keeps track of the money that goes in and out of the casinos is not working properly. Land based casinos have been using video poker since 1992 and it has been said that hundreds of millions of dollars has been put into the machine by gamblers. It is said to cost $100 million to change the out dated machine of the land based slots.

Many commentators have already suggested that putting internet casinos video poker is opposed to the land based ones in the casinos may be the better investment. It would mean that instead of putting cash into the machine, the payment and withdrawal method would mimic that of internet casinos where payments would happen through pay mediums or wire transfers and bank drafts. It is questionable how legally internet casinos can operate out of a land based casino and some people have stated that if no video poker was available in the land casinos, people would not be too bewildered because of the fad to game in internet casinos that is only increasing in magnitude.

In the meantime, contracts are being given out that will determine if certain slot machines are mandated to change their system and if they will be in a 10 year contract. Each system costs $11 million to change and it would be cheaper to set up as basic internet casinos system. Reports have claimed that between 10,000 to 11,000 machines out of the 14,500 in Louisiana will have to be replaced and it is said to cost Louisiana a lot of money.

Internet casinos investors have been looking around the Louisiana land based casinos to see if there is anything they can pick up. The problem is that United States laws forbid internet casinos to base out of the states themselves. An option that the internet casinos can take is to operate from a country where internet casinos are legal and just provide Louisiana with gaming. As of right now however, new policies would have to be made in Louisiana that would allow its citizens to participate in internet casinos.

Louisiana Amusement and Music Operator Association lobbyist, Alton Ashy, states that it is vital to get some type of new computer system for the productivity of the slots. Ashy claims that having a computer system 10 to twelve years old in this day’s technological advancement is impossible. Just like banks, hospitals and many other fields have had to replace much of their technology with new and quick technology, so too does the land based casino industry.
internet casinos seem to be the best route to go because internet casinos have the right technology. However, there is not enough definitive decision on the status of internet casinos and that needs to first be resolved. Either way, internet casinos are also said to continue growing.

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