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Gaming Company Features Rock Group

Internet casinos enjoy combining their business investment with featured events that will increase their earning potential. An example of this was’s red carpet party for the launch of lead artist Bif Naked. This party, which took place at the Quay restaurant in Vancouver was responsible for hosting, a company branched out of the internet casinos major company, Bif Naked was a huge success and the new CD "Super beautiful monster” is predicted to be a huge hit.
The amount of support that was shown by the audience for Bif Naked was great considering no CD has been released by her in the past 3 years. internet casinos players from all over the country came to see Bif Naked perform and a special guest star was Samuel L. Jackson whom was in town filming a movie titled “Pacific Air Flight 121”.
Bif Naked’s CD featured the single Let Down which has become very popular in Canada’s Much Music which is the Canadian MTV. The CD got released June 28 and sales have already been reported to be soaring. The CD will be released in the United States on September 20, 2005. Bif Naked has been approved by MRI/Sony music with her upcoming US release and it is said she will hit the international streets in the near future.
Bif Naked has taken an interest in internet casinos as she is next to appear in the Poker & Sports Marketing Conference on July the sixth and seventh of this year. This conference is to take place in Las Vegas and it is said to be featuring some of the strongest internet casinos business personnel. This conference will also feature internet casinos interested players and is said to have as big of a turnout as the Montreal internet casinos conference that took place last month.
The interest that internet casinos have in music is not a new one as gambling and entertainment have always been able and even preferred to work together. Many sports betting companies and internet casinos use major entertainment events to promote their internet casinos and gaming companies in general. There is a tendency for betting companies to feature sports events and internet casinos often enjoy featuring celebrities, especially in poker. representatives have stated that this was a successful event and that both their company and Bif Naked will benefit from the interaction. internet casinos everywhere are looking into similar entertainment events that they can use on their internet casinos sites that will attract more internet casinos players. internet casinos everywhere are also looking into featuring celebrities especially singers in their launch campaigns, bonus promotions and conferences.
Calvin Ayre, CEO of says that this company is all about involving entertainment in its marketing campaign and is interested in pursuing this method in the future. Ayre states that the mixing of gaming energy with music energy works and sells. Ayre also stated that they were extremely happy to host the wonderful rock group, Bif Naked.



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